Since my retirement, I've become one [or two] of Vineland's finest authors. I can boast that because there are only one or two of us in Vineland! What fuels my creative juices are a cup of coffee, maybe a Snickers bar, and of course, inspiration from one of my detective writing heroes, Robert B. Parker.

As a senior, I'm exercising whatever talent I still do have, in becoming a published Canadian Author, a Niagara Web Designer, and a Niagara Scenery Photographer.

So, if you need suggestions, some grammar touch-ups in your secretive manuscript, phone me.  I used to be an editor at a newspaper and have experience in getting books and poems published. Maybe you’ve got a novel tucked away there in your closet somewhere; I can show you how to get that thing "out there". It might cost you a coffee, and maybe, a doughnut.


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I have a Webmaster’s Certificate from Mohawk College dated December 31, 2007. Over the past decade, I’ve enjoyed designing my own websites and hosting them through my server “godaddy”.

So, I’m a senior geek guy who can help other Niagara seniors conquer their fear of the computer, of writing and of using their digital camera. I don’t have a business, so  assistance could be as cheap as a Timmy’s.

Maybe you want to put a family history on a website or some of your poems or short stories. Why not? I can design an attractive website for you and put it on the internet, so your friends and family can appreciate your writing or photos through another medium than Facebook. It's understood that designing and hosting a website costs more than a mere Timmy's or a doughnut. But a phone call is still free -- sort of.

Phone John:  905-562-7821

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I used to do the occasional wedding but have never succeeded in making a career of it -- though I got nice results with which my couples were delighted. I apply my photographer's eye now to Niagara Scenery Photos using a digital pocket camera. You can Google, John Hartig Spring and Autumn Photos.

I had to give up my heavy Nikon D700 because of a shoulder injury. So, the world goes on with younger people taking over the wedding business, and hobbyists, like me, taking pictures of landscapes and flowers instead.

Photography: what a great hobby to have! Ah, if I could only turn all the guns in the world into cameras.

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  • computer lessons for seniors
  • family web sites
  • create albums
  • writing biographies
  • hosting sites through godaddy
  • web design
  • banners + logos
  • scenery prints for home or office

I guess my number one advantage is that I am retired and that I have time on my hands to help people with their writing, ancestry web creations, computer lessons, camera operation and scenery photographs to decorate their walls.

Let me see. Oh yes, I haven't won any awards, but I'm good at what I do. My philosophy? Be honest, be yourself, and like Cyrano de Bergerac, wear your ornaments on your soul.

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Next Steps...

I don't know if I can help you with editing your writing, launching your own family website, or maybe making you less fearful of the can always phone me. Thank goodness I have time on my hands since I've retired. Don’t stop learning. Michelangelo said something like that at the age of 88 when he finally died.

Ph: 905-562-781