Writer's Block? If you need your ancestry written, I can interview you and write it for you. Need a novel edited? I was an editor in a former life. How about resume for young or old? I heard somebody once say, heck, anybody can write, all you need is spell-check! Not true. Here's a secret. You still need talent to write, some inspriration and maybe even somebody to bring it out in you.


I've designed and hosted websites over the past decade for a hobby. I know writing, photo-shop, design and getting pages on the internet. I use godaddy as my server, great company.


My little hatch-back and I have toted my camera equipment around Niagara for years and collected a great variety of scenic pictures: Niagara Falls, Port Dalhousie, Morningstar Mill, Ball's Falls, flowers, farms scenes, and all the seasons. Need some decor? Google my name: John Hartig Scenery.

Morningstar Mill

Wheat Mill founded in 1874, St. Catharines. Lovely spot for a picnic...or a picture.

Ball's Falls

Actually Lower Ball's Falls from below the hill. The trail is off the Niagara Escarpment just outside of Vineland, Ontario.

Next Steps...

As always, contact me for advice on writing, suggestions about photography, a personal scenery tour guide during spring or autumn, or about getting a website up and running.

Ph: 905-562-7821